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Draft SEQ Koala Conservation Strategy 2019 - 2024

On Sunday 8 December 2019, the QLD Government released the Draft SEQ Koala Conservation Strategy 2019 to 2024, stating:

Central to the Queensland Government’s draft Strategy is its plan to introduce major amendments to the planning framework, based on new mapping of koala habitat and the identification of Koala Priority Areas (KPA) with strict clearing controls. The new KPA will represent habitat suitable for sustaining populations of koalas and are made up of large, connected areas of high quality bushland. These areas will be the target for government’s habitat protection, habitat restoration and threat mitigation actions as they have the highest likelihood of achieving conservation outcomes for koalas.

The draft strategy will introduce new mapping and lead to legislation prohibiting clearing of Koala Habitat Areas in Koala Priority Areas. The draft strategy does indicate that a new code will be introduced for extractive industry in a Key Resource Area within the Koala Priority Area. However, the details of legislative changes, regulation, and codes have not been released yet. Consultation on the mapping closes on 22 December 2019 and consultation on the strategy closes on 31 January 2020.

Please contact Tegan Smith or Jim Lawler on (07) 3871 0411 for more information about how the draft strategy could impact your development.

Further information is available from the links below:

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