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We work with you to ensure your resource is located, proven, designed and developed efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably.


Our  planning capabilities extend from extractive industry projects to post-extraction land use design and development, master planning, residential, industrial and commercial development.


Our environmental management and monitoring team have the experience and capabilities to service a wide range of environmental-related matters.


Data is valuable.
Compliance is vital. 
Peace of mind…priceless.

GPlus Live has been developed to help you manage compliance proactively. It allows you to store useable, real-time data via a user-friendly interface all in one place from any device or location when you need it.


Our operations business unit provides industry-relevant assistance to clients focusing on quarry optimisation, efficiency improvement and operational advice.


We assist clients in achieving
their safety and health goals in the resources industry. We work to help you maintain compliance, work towards continual improvement and gain a competitive edge.


Our NATA accredited in-house testing facility caters for the quarry sector, with a range of aggregate and soil tests and sampling to both Australian Standards and Queensland Main Roads methods.


Our spatial team have experience in providing data suitable for use in many applications, including engineering design, asset inspection and environmental assessment.


Our drafting services are available to anyone at any time, and our clients are welcome to deal with our drafting team directly for any drafting needs. 

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