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Geotechnical Laboratory

We provide our clients with fast, detailed, and confidential petrographic examinations and industry specific testing from our NATA accredited modern geotechnical laboratory.


The Brendale facility is fitted out with new equipment and a temperature-controlled laboratory that covers aggregate/soils specific testing and petrographic analysis.

The laboratory is managed by a professional team with over 40 years of combined experience in laboratory services. Our petrographic team comprises over 20 years of hands-on quarry resource evaluation and petrographic knowledge. Our thin sections are constructed in-house with an LP 50 Logitech Auto Precision lapping machine and polishers.

Our scope includes a range of aggregate and soil tests and sampling to both Australian Standards and Queensland Main Roads methods.

Range of Aggregate Tests:

  • Degree of precoat

  • Organic impurities other than sugar

  • Weak particles (including clay lumps, soft and friable particles) in coarse aggregates

  • Clay and fine silt

  • Wet/dry strength variation

  • ACV

  • Particle shape by proportional calliper

  • Average least dimension

  • Materials finer than 75 microns in aggregates (by washing)

  • Flakiness index

  • Bulk density of aggregate (unit mass)

  • Particle size distribution

  • Particle density and water absorption – fine/coarse aggregates

  • Aggregate soundness – evaluation by exposure to sodium sulphate solution

  • Crushed particles in coarse aggregate derived from gravel

  • Degradation factor – source rock and coarse aggregate

  • Polished aggregate friction value – vertical wheel

  • Point Load 

  • Coarse Aggregate Quality by Visual Assessment (non NATA)

  • Acid Solubility (non NATA)

  • Caking (non NATA)

  • Foreign Materials (non NATA)

Range of Soil Tests:

  • California bearing ratio (CBR)

  • Maximum density ratio compactions (MDR)

  • Particle size distribution

  • Fines Ratio

  • Atterberg limits

  • Moisture content

  • Emerson Class 

We offer our clients:

  • Thin section and polished thin section preparation of geological materials including concrete and quarry products.

  • Petrographic investigation of natural rock and quarry materials including aggregates and manufactured sand.

  • Petrographic consultancy services and expert technical advice on the compliance, performance and durability of construction materials, and assessment services, technical troubleshooting available upon request.

  • Petrographic reports for Department of Transport and Main Roads quarry certification and recertification (TMR Test method Q188).

  • Secondary mineral content analysis conducted according to Australian Standard 1141.26.

Additional analysis using advanced microscopic techniques, including:

  • X-ray diffraction (XRD)

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

  • Probe and X-ray Mapping with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy

  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy


Download our Scope of Tests 


Need to organise a petrographic examination and analysis?

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