gplus live


GPlus Live aims to support organisations in managing sites through an

industry recognised proactive system.

​​The GPlus Live software enables members to collate data, manage compliance,

schedule activities and visualise results in real-time.​

GPlus Live aims to improve efficiency by delivering for the digital future.

GPlus Live works with you whether you are in the office or out on site with a desktop and mobile operating system.

The Desktop operating system provides an overview of one or multiple sites to administrators and management. Here users can manage employees, contractors, machinery, health and safety systems, documents and data. Users can generate reports about on-site activities, compliance status and more.

The Mobile operating system allows users to individually tailor their interactions with GPlus Live. Upload personal and company documentation, complete required inductions and training on your personal device and focus on particular tasks or simply find recurring tasks such as pre-starts.

The Mobile operating system links to the Contractor and Employee, Plant and Equipment and Safety and Health modules.


The Gplus Live software is broken into 5 modules which can be purchased on a subscription, as an individual module or grouped with multiple modules. Most of the modules link together in parts, allowing for a more seamless overview of the status of the site, however, modules have also been created to stand alone if that is what is required.

Below is an overview outlying each of our modules.


Safety and Health Module

Groundwork Plus will work with you to create a digital Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) for single or multiple sites, which includes user-friendly and simplified information, e-forms, registers, checklists and visual aids. The SHMS is customised to your needs and is developed to the legislation under which you operate.

Environmental Compliance Monitoring Module

The GPlus Live Environmental Compliance Monitoring Module is a unique and user-friendly system that reduces paperwork, administration costs and time while improving the useability of environmental data. The online database has been designed to provide easy access to your monitoring results. The module will allow you to log in and view, schedule events, export results as well as download and run reports.

If monitoring is conducted by Groundwork Plus, environmental field team, the data is uploaded immediately following monitoring for field testing and within 24 hours of receiving laboratory analysis.

Digital Document and Audits

Turn typed programs, management documents and reports such as Environmental Management Plans, Blast Management Plans, and Quality Management Plans into a useable, easily searchable and trackable digital format.

Checklists and e-forms can be created to support on-site compliance. Documents can be stored and tagged according to document type which are all searchable. Documents can be prepared to allow for in the field observations and recordings, photography evidence collection, required actions collation and summary report production.

Contractor and Employee Management Module

The Contractor and Employee Management Module (CEM) within GPlus Live allows users to digitally manage those who work onsite. CEM enables secure sign-in and out, relevant inductions, training and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) to be undertaken and stores information in a central location.

CEM has inbuilt alert functions for expiry or renewal of site required training or information such as insurance or licenses. The module also allows you to communicate with employees and contractors by SMS and email.

Emergencies can also be managed through the CEM, providing an alert to all persons onsite and ensuring emergency management procedures are followed.

CEM can link to the Safety and Health Module of GPlus Live for ease of record keeping.

Plant and Equipment Maintenance Module

The Plant and Equipment Maintenance (PEM) Module of GPlus Live provides for effective scheduling, recording and management of plant and equipment. With predictive capability, the PEM Module assists you to identify, plan and schedule maintenance activities. It can then generate work orders for upcoming service requirements and providing these to your preferred contractors and ensuring all maintenance records are captured in one central location for ease of recall and reporting.

PEM can also link to the Safety and Health Module of GPlus Live for ease of record keeping.

Testing and Quality Module

Groundwork Plus aggregate laboratory has developed a laboratory information management system (LIMS) on the GPlus Live operating system to support our modern laboratory operations.

Groundwork Plus has developed GPlus Live to help you manage compliance proactively. 


STORE all data and documents in one place


ACCESS to users with differing restrictions 

ALERTS are immediate and proactive to your phone or computer

USER-FRIENDLY online website

SUPPORT from Groundwork Plus in set up and ongoing issues


Contact us to arrange a live demonstration of GPlus Live.