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GPlus Live incorporates modules designed to assist with managing your site operations, compliance and administration. Each module can stand alone, but integrating them makes the system all the more powerful. 

Contractor and Employee Management 

Streamline distribution, collection and approval of workforce credentials and documentation. 

GPlus Live Contractor and Employee Management (CEM) Module is a cloud-based, digital tool that makes it simple to manage your dynamic workforce.

CEM enables secure sign-in and out using unique QR codes and personal profiles. 

Relevant credentials, inductions, training, SWMS, policies and procedures can be created, issued and administered from a central location.

Emergencies can be managed by providing an alert to all persons onsite. The module also allows you to communicate with employees and contractors by SMS and email as required. 

CEM can link registers and information to the Safety and Health Module of GPlus Live making for more streamlined user experience.

CEM module-01-01.png


In house set up and control

Site inductions

Workforce credentials




Site inductions

Employee training



Environmental Compliance

Environ Compliance module-01-01.png

In house set up
and control

Scheduler with current, overdue and future events

Triggers and alerts

Exportable data available in one location

Easy data entry

Combination of data for an event

Multiple types of monitoring and reporting

Digitally manage environmental compliance through an interactive, automated tool.


A unique and user-friendly system that reduces paperwork, administration costs and time while improving the useability of environmental data.

As the regulatory approvals become more complex, so does the need to understand your requirements.

This automated tool has been designed to provide easy access to your environmental compliance items. 

It allows you to log in, collate data, view schedule events, visualise results, export data and run reports.

The module also provides the ability to set triggers and compliance limits to identify non-compliances which identifies issues before they become costly non-compliances. 

Environ Mod
DDA mod

Digital Documents and Audits

Store site documents in a functional, navigable format with the ability to incorporate records, audits, figures and e-forms. 

Turned typed programs, conditions, audits and reports such as Management Plans into a useable, easily searchable and trackable digital format.

Checklists and e-forms can be created to support on-site compliance. Documents can be stored and tagged according to document type which are all searchable. 

Documents can be prepared to allow for in the field observations and recordings, photographic evidence, required action collation and summary report production. Export your completed records. 

Schedule routine activities such as inspections and audits ensuring site conditions are tracked and not missed. 

The module also utilise a feature we call ‘Actions’. These actions alert and record information that requires some form of attention or immediate action to either solve or improve a situation.

The digital documents are customised and uploaded by the GPlus Live Team at your request. 

DDA module-01.png

Documents available to all employees with restricted access to confidential documents

Action alert tool

Activity scheduler

Multiple types of e-documents can be completed online

Documents made digital and accessible online anywhere

In house set up
and control

Plant and Equipment Maintenance

Stay on top of servicing and maintenance of assets with an integrated management system. 

The Plant and Equipment Maintenance (PEM) Module, with its predictive capability, assists you to identify, plan and schedule maintenance activities.

The system guides you through requirements and generation of work requests to employees or work orders to preferred contractors.

Users access their personal profile and undertake pre-starts, track defects and complete work requests from their mobile device. 

A unique QR code is generated for each asset or asset group which links to the profile within equipment register. 

PEM gives you full visibility of all your plant and equipment, holds your workforce accountable and provides insight into the usage and condition of all your site equipment.

Workforce credentials

PEM module-01.png

In house set up
and control

 Fixed plant and HME registers


SMU and/or mileage tracker and maintenance triggers

Pre-starts and checklists

Workforce credentials

HS mod

Health & Safety

Manage your health and safety compliance system through an accessible collation of documents, data and actions.

Our tailored, user-friendly online Safety and Health Management System reduces the physical paperwork and simplifies information by using e-forms, registers, and checks that improve day to day operations.

Schedule routine activities such as inspections and maintenance tasks ensuring site requirements are tracked and not missed. 

The module also utilises a feature we call ‘Actions’. These actions alert and record information that requires some form of attention or immediate action to either solve or improve a situation.

Your Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) is customisable and flexible to your needs. Groundwork Plus can developed a SHMS for your business in accordance with the legislation under which you operate or the team can convert your current systems into our integrated module. 

HS module-01.png

In house set up
and control

Multiple types of e-documents can be completed online

 Activity scheduler

 SHMS in one place and accessible online, anywhere

Action alert tool

SHMS available to all employees with restricted access to confidential documents

MyDash Mod

My Dashboard (Mobile)

MyDash module-01.png

 Personal access

Prompts to complete requirements

Maintain your profile

 Easy data entry

Ability to view all company documents

Provides users with an accessible, personal dashboard to interact with the site's modules.

The GPlus Live Mobile Dashboard has been created with a separate view to provide a user friendly interaction with the integrated modules.


It communicates what is relevant to the specific user while maintaining  integrity, allowing only management to administer the platform. 

Access profiles via a unique, system issued PIN and two factor authorisation. The mobile display has been designed for ease of use to guide the user through site actions and requirements. 


As a GPlus Live subscriber, you can now access Analytics captured from your modules.


We've designed Analytics to give you visual insights into the data you capture daily.

GPlus Live's Analytics communicates complex and sometimes extensive data to provide you with an understanding of your site management, workforce and asset status. Analytics helps you make informed business decisions, minimise risk and forecast for the future. The graphs and data compiled with Analytics are exportable, allowing easy reporting and effective communication.

GPlus Live's Analytics is part of our commitment to improving efficiency by delivering for the digital future. We work closely with subscribers to continually enhance the GPlus Live experience.

Analytics module.png

Make informed business decisions

Evaluate the effectiveness of management strategies

Track site, workforce and asset growth and forecast future requirements

Visual insight into site status

Easy reporting with simple and understandable outputs

Understand and communicate complex
and extensive data

Track trends and identify issues to minimise risk

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