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DRONE SuRVEY and mapping 

Groundwork provides professional spatial and survey data services. Our spatial team has experience in providing 
data suitable for use in many applications, including engineering design, asset inspection and environmental assessment. Our team also have access to quality instruments and software including the latest drones for topographic survey and bathymetric projects.


As owners and operators of our aircraft, survey equipment and processing facilities, we offer considerable benefits in turnaround time, price and provision of high quality and meaningful information that feeds directly into your business plan.



  • Contour and site attributes imagery, maps and plans

  • Stockpile surveys, area and volume reporting

  • 3D visualisation plans

  • High-resolution  Digital Surface Models (DSM or DTM)

  • Rectified orthophoto maps and plans

  • Photogrammetric plots

  • Bathymetric surveys

  • High definition aerial videos

  • Preparation of hard and soft copy outputs


  • Accurate – 3D elevation models accurate to within 5cm lateral and 8cm vertical.

  • Accessible – Data available in full 3D via our secure, online portal at any time. We can also deliver the data as drawings or filtered point clouds,  or integrate it with Vulcan or Surpac software.

  • Fast – Depending on your needs the time from capture to delivery can be as short as 1-2 days.

  • Safe – Avoid the need for ground surveyors in active pit areas.

  • Cost-effective – A fraction of the cost of traditional ground and staffed aerial surveys.


Complying with regulatory requirements for stormwater run-off for a site requires accurate data above and below the waterline of any waterbodies. Groundwork owns and operates the Accura Hydrographic/Bathymetric Remote-Controlled Boat which alleviates the demanding requirements involved when having staff on the water.

The Accura integrates the Cee Hydro Systems Sonar and Transducer that provide dual beam echo soundings up to depths of 200m.  Dual beam sounding allows users to differentiate between hard and soft sediments (silt layer) in deep waterbodies.  When processed, the survey data captured by the Accura provides a 3D image of the subsurface profile and an accurate calculation of stored water volume.



Our terrestrial scanning capabilities allow us to deliver comprehensive on-ground solutions utilising data capture techniques such as GNSS, photogrammetry, and laser scanning. With this technology, we offer high-precision data capture and gain access to restricted areas such as indoor or undercover spaces and restricted airspace where drones cannot operate. Our capabilities extend to pit wall geotechnical monitoring and deformation analysis, facilitating proactive detection of movements or deviations over time. Our scanning solutions provide invaluable insights, contributing to risk mitigation.

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