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Who is Groundwork?

Groundwork, part of SLR are a committed team that provides professional geoscience, environmental science, planning and development consultancy services to the mining, quarrying, construction, land use development, power generation and waste management industries. We offer our services Australia-wide and we have consultants across every region ready to work with you.

We assist with: 

  • Resource investigation 

  • Pit development 

  • Development application navigation and preparation

  • Land use and master planning 

  • Environmental monitoring, compliance and management

  • Petrographic and Aggregate Testing

  • Health, safety and operations management 

  • Civil engineering 

  • Traffic engineering and transport planning 

  • Post-extraction development and master planning

We have a 40-year track record of working with our clients to optimise their assets and manage risk while focusing on the complete life cycle of a site. We take care to foster long-term relationships with our clients and strive to provide accountable and responsive solutions to complex problems.

Our demonstrated knowledge and understanding of industry processes and operations, coupled with our ability to navigate local, state and federal regulatory requirements and standards, ensures that our clients are well-supported at every stage of site development.

Our Core CApabilities: 

  • Resource Development and Management

  • Land Use and Master Planning

  • Development Applications

  • Post Extraction Land Use

  • Environmental Management & Monitoring

  • Operations Management

  • Occupational Hygiene

  • Safety and Health

  • Petrographic and Aggregate Testing Services

  • Aerial, Cadastral and Bathymetric Survey and Mapping

  • Data Management with GPlus Live

  • Expert Witness

our clients

  • Australian and multi-national mining & quarrying companies 

  • Land developers 

  • Building and civil engineering contractors 

  • Town planners

  • Surveyors 

  • State and Local Governments 

  • Manufacturers of concrete and quarry products

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