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Operations management

Our operations business unit provides industry-relevant assistance to clients focusing on quarry optimisation, efficiency   improvement and operational advice. This advice guides clients in the creation and implementation of effective business strategies allowing for improved operational efficiencies, cost reductions and growth while reducing risk profiles.


  • Quarry optimisation and improvement programs

  • LEAN auditing/improvement programs

  • Load and haul analysis

  • Equipment utilisation

  • Downtime analysis

  • Quarry operational due diligence

  • Quarry pre-acquisition audits

  • Quarry operational plans, e.g. traffic management,    

  • Quality Assurance

  • Blast management plans

  • Mining and quarrying legislative compliance

  • Mine Record Entry responses/improvement assistance

  • Production planning and forecasting

  • Stockpile surveys (RPAS)

  • Safety improvement plans

  • Capital investment planning

  • Asset condition assessment

  • Risk assessments

  • Site Senior Executive (SSE)

  • Quarry management services

Occupational Hygiene services: 
  • Occupational hygiene assessments and environmental monitoring programs

  • Exposure monitoring and worker health control plans

  • Monitoring of airborne contaminants:

    • Respirable and inhalable dusts;

    • Particulate matter (silica, asbestos, wood dust, coal dust, diesel particulate matter, metal, and many more); 

    • Volatile organic compounds (fuels, solvents, paints, cleaning products, combustion by-products, etc.

  • Hazardous materials risk management

    • Asbestos registers, assessments and management plans (licensed asbestos assessing);

    • Lead paint management;

    • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs);

    • Mould and moisture.

  • Noise exposure assessments

  • Vibration exposure assessments

  • Environmental (heat/cold) exposure

  • Microbiological assessments

  • Regulator improvement notices

  • Environmental monitoring:

    • Dust (Dust deposition, PM10, PM2.5);

    • Noise

  • Quantitative fit testing of respiratory protection by an accredited fit tester.

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