Survey & Mapping

Survey & Mapping

Groundwork Plus offers a fast, accurate and cost-effective
aerial and hydrographic survey and mapping service using UAVs
(drones) and remotely-operated hydrographic/ bathymetric
boats. This complements our extensive experience with
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and government and
private databases.
Our in-depth knowledge of the issues surrounding resource
extraction and our unique position as owners/operators of our
aircraft, boat, survey equipment and processing facilities means
we offer considerable benefits in turnaround time, price and
provision of high quality and meaningful information that feeds
directly into your business plan.


We take our people seriously. We listen to them,
and support them, and we love working hard to
meet complex challenges together.
We believe that the best organisations are defined
by their culture and that starts with a strong
sense of shared values. We uphold and promote
experience and knowledge, good judgment,
professionalism, and a drive to understand our
clients’ needs.
Groundwork Plus consists of people who care
about getting the job done, and the relationships
we build. We love what we do and we are
passionate about contributing to our industry.

Our collaborative working style emphasises
teamwork and trust. People tell us we are
down-to-earth, approachable and fun.

Drone Aerial Survey

Bathymetric/ Hydrographic Survey

Groundwork Plus provides bathymetric/
hydrographic survey services using a remotelyoperated
boat fitted with a hydrographic dual
frequency depth sounder and survey quality

Applications include:
• Stormwater management – Water storage
capacity with incremental volumes for
incorporation into stormwater management plans.

• Volumetric surveys – Calculate remaining
resource thickness and volumes for dredging

• Environmental monitoring – Silt/weed
identification. Erosion investigation.

• Site planning and development – Depth
mapping of disused sites for re-use and/
or rehabilitation.

Data is seamlessly linked across
UAV, Bathymetric, LiDAR and
traditional survey methods to
generate comprehensive 3D models
of your site.

We have a proven track record
in using captured data for:

  • Contour plans and pit orthophotos for

  • site development

  •  Stockpile surveys for reconciliations

  • Volumetric surveys for extraction/

  • royalty reviews

  •  Environmental monitoring:

  •  Storm and surface water

  • management

  •  Weed management

  •  Compliance reporting

  •  Quarry Development Plans

  •  Traffic Management Plans

  •  Monitoring/ assessment surveys

  • Site infrastructure mapping

  • Quarry design/ planning