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The 2020 results of the LSDM Report

The Queensland Government have released the 2020 results of the Land Supply and Development Monitoring Report.

In 2017 the Queensland Government released ShapingSEQ, the regional plan for South East Queensland that sets the framework to sustainably manage growth in the region until 2041. As part of this plan, the government committed to an ongoing Growth Monitoring Program (GMP) to monitor growth and land supply to better inform planning decision-making.

A key component of the GMP is the annual Land Supply and Development Monitoring (LSDM) report, which compiles a wide range of data in one location to better monitor land supply and development activity across South East Queensland. The LSDM provides clear evidence to guide the discussion on evolving impacts in our community, such as COVID-19 and the government responses as they relate to the development of policy to deal with housing choice, housing fragmentation, land access and infrastructure delivery in SEQ.

At a glance the Government says the data shows:

The above infographics are taken from the Land Supply and Development Monitoring 2020 SEQ report results brochure found via the link below.

For more information about what this data means for your business contact one of our town planners or access the full report here:

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