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Our Resource Expertise

Groundwork Plus has a team of geoscientists experienced in geological and resource

assessments. Our services include exploration, resource investigations, source rock suitability assessments, and resource and reserve estimates.

Exploration and Resource Investigations

Our expertise in exploration and resource investigations covers:

  • Ground Reconnaissance

  • Geological mapping and interpretation

  • Design of exploration and resource definition programs

  • Resource drilling supervision and management

  • Co-ordination of testing services

  • Regional extractive industry resource studies/surveys

  • Design and co-ordination of aerial and ground survey mapping programs

  • Geophysical data interpretation and data acquisition management

  • Statutory reporting for mineral exploration

Sourcing and Evaluation of Construction Materials and Industrial Minerals

  • Regional reconnaissance studies for deposits of construction materials (rock, sand, gravel, clay and soil); industrial minerals (e.g. silica/foundry sand, limestone, clays, dimension stone)

  • Field inspection and reconnaissance geological mapping

  • Planning and supervision of bulk sampling, test pitting and drilling programs

  • Materials testing and results interpretation

  • Resources quantification

Quarry and pit source materials assessment

  • Quarry Assessment Reporting in accordance with Department of Main Roads requirements

  • Determination of physical and chemical characteristics of source rock materials

  • Categorisation/classification of materials for quality certification purposes

  • Identification of material types

  • Evaluation of material characteristics against specification

  • Maximisation of utilisation of resources

Resource / Reserve Estimates

  • Geological modelling

  • Resource and reserve estimates

  • JORC reporting

Design and Co-ordination of Aerial and Ground Survey Mapping Programs

  • Installation of mapping controls

  • Co-ordination of fly overs and capture of stereo photography

  • Digital Terrain Models

  • Rectified orthophoto maps and plans

  • Photogrammetric plots

  • Preparation of hard copy and digital copy of outputs

Planning Studies

Resource extraction and management requires detailed planning, which relies on the assembly and understanding of information from a wide range of sources, including scientific, engineering, geographical, political and economical. The Groundwork Plus team is experienced in preparing highly effective short, medium and long term resource development and management plans taking account of geological, engineering and environmental parameters.

Quarry, Mine and Pit Development and Management Planning

  • Sand and gravel extraction planning

  • Staged development and management plans (short, medium, long term)

  • Site design and layout

  • Topsoil/overburden stripping and disposal

  • Rock utilisation

  • Bench/face and haul road design

  • Operational sequence and method

  • Production costing, budgeting and scheduling

  • Sequential and post-extraction landform design

  • Market demand studies and need surveys/assessments

  • Post extraction land use planning and design

  • Rehabilitation design and implementation

Production Costing and Budgeting

  • Operating costs

  • Materials handling costs

  • Production costs

  • Wear rates and costs

  • Environmental management costs

  • Land management costs

  • Remediation costs

  • Rehabilitation costs

Market Demand and Need Surveys/Assessments

  • Product specification and uses

  • Market demand

  • Market characteristics

  • Market area

  • Selling prices

  • Alternative products

  • Resource significance

  • Resource need assessments

Resource Valuations

Groundwork Plus is experienced in carrying out valuations of construction material, building stone and industrial mineral resources and products. These valuations are often done in conjunction with registered land valuers. These services include:

  • Site identification

  • Tenure identification

  • Approvals, permits, licences

  • Resource identification (quality and quantity)

  • Market characteristics

  • Valuations

Mining Tenure Applications and Management

Applying for mining tenements requires a range of information to be supplied to the relevant government agencies. The nature, scale and potential environmental impact of the proposed mining activities will determine the scope of supporting documentation to be lodged with the assessment agencies. Relatively small low-impact applications capable of complying with certain criteria and a Code of Environmental Compliance require limited supporting information, whereas significant scale high-impact operations may require detailed assessment of a comprehensive range of environmental issues.

Groundwork has extensive experience with all stages of mining tenement applications including:

  • Preparation of documents including Environmental Management Plans and associated drawings, maps, relevant plans and other graphics

  • Liaising with government departments

  • All statutory application processes

  • Environmental impact/assessment studies

  • Expert witness reports and appearances for Land and Resources Tribunal Hearings

  • Liaison and negotiations with landowners regarding compensation matters

  • Preparation of post-grant documentation including Plans of Operations, Rehabilitation Liability Assessments, and Environmental Audits

  • Tenement administrative management

  • Statutory reporting

Advocacy and Expert Witness

Our team has provided expert evidence in the court process on a range of geological, site development, planning, environmental and other issues particularly associated with extractive industry, resources, land development and mining tenure matters.

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