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Our Environment Expertise

Environmental Impact Assessment

Groundwork Plus has the expertise and experience to carry out detailed, relevant and cost efficient environmental impact assessments and evaluations. Assessments cover a full and comprehensive range of issues with key issues addressed in detail and subordinate issues addressed to a level appropriate to the nature and extent of the potential impact. To ensure our clients receive the best outcome, Groundwork Plus may seek approval to engage and manage sub-consultants with recognised expertise in specialist issues. This collaborative approach ensures sufficient information is provided to assessment authorities and other interested parties.

Environmental Management Plans

Our plans are tailored to our clients’ requirements and can cover a wide range of issues and activities including:

  • Site Based Management Plans

  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

  • Stormwater Management Plans

  • Receiving Environment Management Plans

  • Acid Sulfate Soil Management Plans

  • Air Emission Management Plans

  • Blasting Management Plans

  • Bushfire Management Plans

  • Community Relations Management Plans

  • Flora and Fauna Management Plans

  • Landcare Management Plans

  • Noise Management Plans

  • Oil, Grease, Fuel and Chemical Storage Management Plans

  • Rehabilitation Management Plans

  • Waste Management Plans

  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans

  • Site Contamination Management Plans

  • Visual Amenity Management Plans

  • Contingency/Emergency Plans and procedures and environmental protocols

Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

Working with accredited scientific laboratories and specialised associated sub-consultants as required, Groundwork Plus provides full analysis of environmental parameters prior to project initiation and throughout the life of a project. Short term or ongoing monitoring and reporting can be carried out for:

  • Groundwater

  • Surface water

  • Soil

  • Dust

  • Noise

  • Blasting

  • Data acquisition, management, interpretation and presentation

Environmental Licensing and Approvals

  • Environmental and site assessments

  • Environmental value assessments

  • Environmental authority applications

  • Vegetation clearing applications

  • Annual reporting

  • Environmental legislation navigation and advice

  • State and local government liaison

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Project management

Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation

  • Preliminary site investigations

  • Detailed site investigations

  • Site Management Plans

  • Remediation Action Plans

  • Water and soil sampling and analysis

  • Site remediation planning and supervision

  • Liaison with relevant local authorities and government agencies

Environmental Auditing

Environmental audits are used to measure and evaluate an organisation's environmental performance against statutory requirements and/or best practice. The Groundwork Plus team is experienced in conducting audits in a systematic matter to established protocols to identify statutory non-compliance. These audits can also be structured to provide strategies to minimise risk and improve performance or generally assist management in the implementation of improvement works and/or actions and procedures.

Rehabilitation of Disturbed Land

Many resource extraction and industrial projects have the potential to leave a lasting impact on the environment. Both during and at the conclusion of a project the land may require rehabilitation works. The extent of the rehabilitation work will depend on proposed or agreed post extraction land use.

Groundwork Plus specialises in the design and preparation of rehabilitation and landscape plans commensurate with requirements for incorporation into site operational plans or as stand-alone plans.

Acid Sulfate Soil Assessment

  • Acid Sulfate Soil assessment and reporting

  • Acid Sulfate Soil management plan preparation

  • Operational monitoring

  • Site remediation programs and management in accordance with State legislation, policies and guidelines.

  • Acid Sulfate Soil assessment program design

  • Co-ordination and management of drilling programs

  • Detailed lithological logging and field testing of drill samples

  • Co-ordination of laboratory testing services

  • Discussions/negotiations with administering authorities/agencies

Government and Community Liaison

Groundwork Plus is experienced in negotiating win-win solutions. Our extensive track record in the industry and our ability to communicate with all parties in an open and diplomatic way, allow us to achieve appropriate commercial outcomes while also addressing the concern of local landowners, community and government agencies. Our experience covers all aspects of stakeholder liaison including the preparation of presentation material, posters, brochures and project websites.

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