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Have you met Tristan Throup?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Tristan Throup

Operations Consultant

1. How long have you been with Groundwork Plus?

I have been with Groundwork Plus since January 10th. Prior Groundwork Plus I was working with Penrice Quarry, which is an ADBRI owned site, for over 10 years. I left Penrice Quarry as Manufacturing supervisor, where I was responsible for all crushing and screening, and finished products onsite. Over my years at Penrice, I started as an operator and progressed through various roles, while also undertaking various studies to support and compliment my responsibilities. Through this development I developed great enthusiasm and passion for the industry, which has led me to Groundwork Plus to continue this learning journey.

2. What is your role at Groundwork Plus, and what does it entail?

I am an Operations Consultant at Groundwork Plus. I am learning quite quickly that my role can be very diverse and varied, so far having worked on jobs from managing a crushing and screening project, to resource drilling, Traffic management plans, and UAV surveying. My role ideally supports the operational side of the industry, whether its offering operational advice to clients, or using my operational knowledge to work on projects such as Mine management or traffic management plans.

3. What are your areas of particular interest or your proudest accomplishment?

I have developed a passion for learning. I have found the extractive industry to be very exciting, full of challenges, and in the current climate very fast paced. So, I have found that the industry is very conducive to growing professionally, which I have enjoyed doing so over the years, and on reflection I’d say that this is what I’m most proud of. I’m particularly interested in operational development, crushing and screening, and industry innovations.

4. What is your favourite way to spend a weekend?

I am a very keen offroad motorcycling enthusiast. I have raced motorbikes for most of my life, and still love a weekend away on the bike. I also enjoy camping and Four wheel driving, so a weekend away with the family doing all 3 things would be my perfect weekend.

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