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Have you met Megan Benham?

Megan Benham

Senior Town Planning Consultant

1. How long have you been with Groundwork Plus?

I have worked for Groundwork Plus since mid 2016. My previously roles were at Moreton Bay Regional Council, where I worked for 6 years. My connection to Groundwork Plus was through Jim Lawler, who was one of my first supervisors at Moreton Bay Regional Council. I heard about the opportunity at Groundwork Plus and after meeting with the team never looked back.

2. What is your role at Groundwork Plus, and what does it entail?

My role is as a Senior Town Planning Consultant. In our industry this role varies daily, from the day to day liaison with various parties to progress town planning applications to navigating legislation changes and communicating what this might mean for our clients. I most enjoy the relationships that I have made with clients and value their trust in my professional opinion. The role is always interesting, with each project and client providing a new learning.

3. What are your areas of particular interest or your proudest accomplishment?

I’ve been quoted around the office as saying “I love a good rule”. Basically, I enjoy navigating the complex legislation that governs our client’s operations. I recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Applied Law (Project Management) at QUT.

4. What is your favourite way to spend a weekend?

A good weekend involves spending time with my family and friends either at a coffee shop, park or the beach.

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