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Have you met Alastair Delooze?

Alastair Delooze

Business Development Manager

1. How long have you been with Groundwork Plus?

I started with the Groundwork Plus team in May of this year. I previously worked with GW+ in my commercial role, following my arrival to Australia, from the UK in 2014.

Having worked directly with Clayton Hill and James Rowe, I have an understanding of how the business operates, as well as its highly respected standing. I feel this is an exciting opportunity for me to utilise the skills I’ve built up over the past 22 years globally in surveying and commerce, whilst also gaining knowledge with dynamic colleagues in other sectors of the industry.

2. What is your role at Groundwork Plus, and what does it entail?

My role as Business Development Manager is to build the new chapter of Groundwork Plus in Victoria. I will have to utilise all of my professional experience in the current climate to develop the market and achieve success in my region of interest, but with the support and expertise of the GW+ team I have no doubt we can get there.

3. What are your areas of particular interest or your proudest accomplishment?

Surveying is my core interest, but I get a lot of motivation in developing people to help them achieve goals or enhance skills, so I trust I get the opportunity to do that in Victoria.

I have been very fortunate in my career having worked in over 40 countries, but my proudest moment was in the UK, where I managed to keep a large team of surveyors employed during the GFC, whilst maintaining their development. The tough decisions that were made in other companies at the time, made me realise that you can never take anything for granted in business and should always strive to improve and diversify. It is key to stay relevant for whichever industry you work in.

4. What is your favourite way to spend a weekend?

Spending time with my young family is extremely important to me, so I am happy to do anything with them in or out the house.

Contact our new Business Development Manager, Alastair Delooze, on 0437 523 282.

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