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A Healthy Reminder

The two-year transitional period for respiratory health surveillance is coming to an end. From the 1st of September 2022, it is mandatory for all quarry and mineral mine workers (with few exceptions) to have undergone a health lung check as per guidance note QGL04 prior to commencing work and Site Senior Executives must have processes in place to check the status of new workers who start onsite.

Respiratory health surveillance is to be performed by an appropriate doctor. It includes a spirometry test, second read chest X-ray, chest examination and background work history check concerning contaminants that could affect lung function. Site senior executives must ensure workers including contractors onsite comply with health surveillance requirements.

Structuring respiratory testing can help minimise ongoing operational risk to the company and prioritises early detection of potential mine dust lung diseases (MDLD) for at-risk workers with potential ongoing exposures. Contacting and informing all contractors of site health monitoring requirements prior to their attendance to site will help align contractor expectations when attending site.

All MDLD diagnoses (including lung cancers) are to be reported to an inspector of mines and a district workers representative.

Former or retired mine or quarry workers are eligible for a free lung health check, an initiative provided by RSHQ.

If you have questions regarding respiratory health surveillance or QGL04, call our Occupational Hygienist on 1800 497 587. You can also visit for further information.

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