Meet our Senior Safety Consultant






Kylie Long
Senior Safety Consultant

Master of Health Science (Health, Safety & Environment), QUT
Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety, QUT
Certificate IV Training and Assessment, Commerce Queensland.


Kylie has 19 years of professional experience including consulting advice to the quarrying, mining, construction, rail, government and manufacturing industries. At Groundwork Plus, Kylie provides industry relevant assistance to our clients, focusing on workplace health and safety matters including safety systems, audits, risk assessment and root cause analysis and regulatory advice. This advice guides our clients in the creation and implementation of effective safety systems and processes which is also integrated with a strong workplace safety culture.


Fast Facts About Kylie:
• Work Health and Safety Consultant and Accredited Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator.
• Proven track record in identifying and analysing risk factors, assessing root causes, and developing fit for purpose controls that facilitate the effective monitoring and management of inherent risks.
• Focuses on effectively raising awareness and encouraging safe work practices and coordinating return to work programs.
• Engages and coaches leadership teams to continually develop a mature safety culture.

As a valued client of Groundwork Plus, we would like to advise you of recent changes to the Queensland Mine Safety Framework that may affect your business. The changes are outlined in the article below.


Are you aware of these recent changes?
They may affect your business...

The Mines Legislation (Resources Safety) Amendment Act 2018 (the Amendment Act) commenced on 9 November 2018. The Amendment Act makes a number of important changes to the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 and the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Act 1999 (the mining safety and health legislation).

A number of important changes have been made to:

• Improve the safety and health management systems for mine workers.
o Key changes include improving contractor management by requiring the integration of contractor and service provider safety and health management plans into a mine’s single safety and health management system and enshrining health surveillance of workers.

• Increase competency of mine workers.
o Key changes include the requirement of a quarry with more than 10 workers to have a site senior executive notice by 9 November 2019 to confirm they have the competencies required by the Mineral Safety and Health Advisory Committee and development of a scheme to ensure continuous professional development of holders of certificates of competency.

• Increase transparency and accountability.
o Key changes include requiring designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers of equipment and substances to proactively notify the Inspectorate about hazards or defects, the introduction of proactive safety and health obligations for officers of corporations, increasing Mines Inspectorate representation on statutory advisory committees, holders of certificates of competency and SSE notices to be maintained in a public register, notification requirements for reportable diseases to be expanded through the regulations and allow for the proactive release of information to improve safety learnings.

• Strengthen compliance and enforcement powers of the regulator.
o Key changes include increasing maximum financial penalties for breaches of safety and health obligations, introduction of civil penalties for the contravention of certain requirements under the legislation, clarification of the Inspector’s entry powers to off-mine site workplaces, enabling the chief executive to suspend or cancel certificates of competency and site senior executive notices for breaches of mining safety and health legislation.

SSE Notices

In January 2019 the requirement for SSE’s (and persons appointed as an SSE during a temporary absence) at mines employing more than 10 workers to hold a notice was issued.

There is a 12 month transition period for the notice to be obtained.

Groundwork Plus can assist with this application process and collation of work history and supervisory experience as well as educational qualifications, to assist with the provision of evidence of competency for a SSE.


Occupational Crystalline Silica

In May 2018 the QGL02 Guideline for Management of Respirable Crystalline Silica in Queensland Mineral Mines and Quarries was introduced. The Guideline provides guidance to SSE’s on how to manage the monitoring of workers’ exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) and the management of health surveillance to achieve an acceptable level of risk from the hazard of exposure to RCS.

Groundwork Plus can assist with all stages of the identification and assessment of occupational crystalline silica. This includes the critical steps required by the legislation for the identification, management of risk, air monitoring, control of risk, health monitoring, record keeping and education and training.

Safety and Health Management Systems
Groundwork Plus has been developing and implementing Safety and Health Management Systems (SHMS) at a number of quarry sites within Queensland and New South Wales compliant with the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Act 1999 (QLD) and the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Act 2013 (NSW).

The objective of a SHMS developed by Groundwork Plus in conjunction with the client is to reduce the size of the system to a level which is usable and relevant to the operation and easily understood by all workers, contractors and visitors. This simplified SHMS utilises many visual aids such as posters and forms to allow the system to be used and comprehended by all workers onsite. Where practicable, procedures and work instructions are developed or modified to include the minimum amount of words and a flowchart or diagram to assist in comprehension of the information and instruction.


Guarding Audits

Conveyors and crushing plants have long been acknowledged as one of the high-risk areas within a quarry or plant with regard to the safety of workers. To assist with the recognition and management of this issue, Groundwork Plus have developed a guarding safety auditing process which provides compliance information on general access, safeguarding, signage and site systems and procedures with reference to the relevant Australian Standards. The auditing process can also include a risk evaluation of each non-conformance identified to assist the operator in identifying the priorities for implementing corrective actions. Groundwork Plus has the systems and procedures to ensure the process is completed in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Does your SHMS need reviewing?

Groundwork Plus can undertake a review of your existing Safety and Health Management System for $1,500 ex GST excluding travel and accommodation expenses.

This review entails Groundwork Plus identifying areas of compliance and changes/edits required to the SHMS to meet legislative obligations which will be undertaken in the form of a site visit and interview with the Quarry Manager/SSE and other relevant personnel to understand the current safety management system in practice onsite. Resultant of the review, a summary report with recommendations will be provided to the client identifying areas of improvement.

Email Groundwork Plus or call (07) 3871 0411 for more information about reviewing your existing Safety and Health Management System.