Groundwork Plus News



Groundwork Plus offers fast, accurate and cost effective aerial photography and surface elevation mapping using a RPAS with high resolution camera and GPS mounted on board.

  • Contour and site attributes imagery, maps and plans

  • Stockpile surveys, area and volume reporting

  • 3D visualisation plans

  • Site development plans

  • Digital terrain models

  • Rectified orthophoto maps and plans

  • Photogrammetric plots


  • Contour plans and pit orthophotos for site development

  • Stockpile surveys for reconciliations

  • Environmental Management eg. stormwater management, vegetation etc.

  • Volumetric surveys for extraction/ royalty reviews

  • Quarry Development Plans

  • Site infrastructure mapping

  • Traffic management


  • Fast and efficient

  • Accurate

  • Data ownership

  • Cost effective