Environmental Monitoring Database: Introducing GPlus Live



The introduction of the The Environmental Protection (Greentape Reduction) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2012 (QLD) has seen the Government shift its focus to compliance and achievement of environmental outcomes. To assist our clients meet their regulatory obligations and reduce the time spent navigating green tape, Groundwork Plus has developed an online environmental monitoring database, GPlus Live.
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GPlus Live is a web-based database hosted on the Groundwork Plus server, making it accessible from any computer connected to the internet. It is protected by username and password and stores data for all operations, including environmental monitoring results, reports, certificates and approvals. GPlus Live enables data to be securely stored in one central location for easy, user-friendly access and recall by different people, from the Quarry Supervisor to the Operations Manager and Environmental Manager.
GPlus Live is a cost-effective system that has the ability to display data graphically to assist in the analysis of data. The system is designed to reduce the time spent collating data, and assessing and monitoring compliance.
To find out more about how GPlus live can assist your quarry meet your regulatory obligations and reduce the time you spend navigating green tape, contact us via email [] or telephone 07 3871 0411.