GPlus Live

Groundwork Plus has developed a unique online system designed specifically for our industry.

GPlus Live is an online environmental compliance platform which makes managing your monitoring data easy - giving you insight into your operations and the conditions which influence environmental performance.

The platform offers you safe storage and back-up of data while providing easy access to all monitoring results and documents. Your data is accessible from any location, at any time via computer, tablet or mobile device.

There is no longer a need for hard-to-manage spreadsheets or paper field sheets.

After logging in to your personalised viewing profile, you can review, download and run reports on environmental data from all of your sites. Monitoring results are uploaded immediately following field testing by Groundwork or within 24 hours of receiving results.

Data can also be entered directly into the platform through a simple interface. GPlus Live also assists in identifying likely issues before they become costly non-compliance events with immediate notification of a non-compliance result or nominated trigger being met.

All data is downloadable to Microsoft Excel, should it be needed for reporting or further interpretation. Past results, summary reports, monitoring photographs and other necessary documentation can also be uploaded and downloaded easily with GPlus Live.

Groundwork Plus will assist in the setup of your site and entering of any historical data. We will continue to manage your platform, ensuring the transfer and use is seamless and accurate.

Better with GPlus Live

GPlus Live is easy to use and offers peace of mind with safe storage and back-up of data. Your data is accessible at any time from any location.

This unique system will reduce paperwork, administration costs and time while streamlining data management, auditing and non-compliance tracking. With the added quality control and support from Groundwork Plus, there is no excuse for a missed non-compliance or lost data with GPlus Live.

For a personalised package or more information regarding GPlus Live, please contact Catherine Young on 07 3871 0411 or via