GPlus Live

The GPlus Live database package is a unique system developed specifically for the quarry industry. The online environmental monitoring database has been designed to provide easy access to monitoring results. This in-house database system will allow you to log in and view, download and run reports on environmental data from quarry sites consistent with your viewing profile.
Data is uploaded immediately following monitoring for field testing and within 24 hours of receiving laboratory analysis, and will include information such as water quality, air quality, noise or blasting environmental results.

GPlus Live will ultimately become an interface from which you can better understand your own operations, the conditions which influence environmental performance and identify likely issues before they become non-compliance events.

Groundwork Plus staff are more than happy to demonstrate the use of the program and answer any questions.

If you do have any questions, feedback or require any technical assistance with GPlus Live please contact the Groundwork Plus office on (07) 3871 0411 or 
Just a reminder that if event based or controlled discharge monitoring is required, please contact the Groundwork Plus office on (07) 3871 0411 during business hours or 0416 642 461 outside of these times.