gplus live

Data is valuable. Compliance is vital. Peace of mind…priceless.

GPlus Live is your online access to Groundwork Plus. GPlus Live makes managing data, time frames, documents and your site information easy - giving insight into your operations and what influences performance.

Regulation, community expectation and the use of data within our industry is constantly evolving. GPlus Live gives you the capability to be in control of your data whilst ensuring you remain on top of compliance obligations no matter the size or complexity of your project.

GPlus Live has been developed to help you manage compliance proactively. It allows you to store useable, real-time data via a user-friendly interface all in one place from any device or location when you need it. The online system gives you the capability to schedule, analyse, review, search for events, report over time, and identify trends to spot a potential non-compliance before it happens.


Safety and Health Module

Groundwork Plus will work with you to create a digital Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) for single or multiple sites, which includes user-friendly and simplified information, e-forms, registers, checklists and visual aids.


Environmental Compliance Monitoring Module

The GPlus Live Environmental Compliance Monitoring Module is a unique and user-friendly system that reduces paperwork, administration costs and time while improving the useability of environmental data, streamlining auditing processes and establishing non-compliance notifications and tracking - all with ongoing support from Groundwork Plus.

Digital Document and Audits

Turn typed programs, management documents and reports such as Environmental Management Plans, Blast Management Plans, and Quality Management Plans into a useable, easily searchable and trackable digital format with the Digital Document Management Module. 

Contractor and Employee Management Module

The Contractor and Employee Management Module (CEM) within GPlus Live allows users to digitally manage those who work onsite. CEM enables secure sign in and out, relevant inductions and training to be undertaken and stores information in a central location. CEM also links to the Safety and Health Module of GPlus Live. CEM has inbuilt alert functions for expiry or renewal of site required training or information such as insurances. Emergencies can also be managed through the CEM, providing an alert to all persons onsite and ensuring emergency management procedures are followed.

Plant and Equipment Maintenance Module

The Plant and Equipment Maintenance (PEM) Module of GPlus Live provides for effective scheduling, recording and management of plant and equipment maintenance requirements. With predictive capability, the PEM Module assists you to identify, plan and schedule maintenance activities, generate work orders for upcoming service requirements and provide your preferred contractors with details and timing of when the job is required to be completed, with all maintenance records in one central location for ease of recall and reporting.

Testing and Quality Module

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) has also been added to GPlus Live to support our modern laboratory operations and existing laboratory customers, providing online access to all test results and reports.

Groundwork Plus has developed GPlus Live to help you manage compliance proactively. 


STORE all data and documents in one place


ACCESS to users with differing restrictions 

ALERTS are immediate and proactive to your phone or computer

USER-FRIENDLY online website

SUPPORT from Groundwork Plus in set up and ongoing issues



Contact us to arrange a live demonstration of GPlus Live.