Aggregate Testing Laboratory

We have expanded our resource and laboratory services with an in-house aggregate testing laboratory.

Our facility caters for the quarry sector, with onsite sampling and compliance testing. The newly built location is fitted out with entirely new equipment and a temperature-controlled laboratory which covers aggregate specific testing and petrographic analysis.

Our scope of work includes a range of aggregate and soil tests and sampling to both Australian Standards and Queensland Main Roads methods.

Range of Aggregate Tests:
► Degree of precoat
► Organic impurities other than sugar
► Weak particles (including clay lumps, soft and friable particles) in coarse aggregates
► Clay and fine silt
► Wet/dry strength variation
► Particle shape by proportional calliper
► Average least dimension
► Materials finer than 75 microns in aggregates (by washing)
► Flakiness index
► Bulk density of aggregate (unit mass)
► Particle size distribution
► Particle density and water absorption – fine/coarse aggregates
► Aggregate soundness – evaluation by exposure to sodium sulphate solution
► Crushed particles in coarse aggregate derived from gravel
► Degradation factor – source rock and coarse aggregate
► Polished aggregate friction value – vertical wheel

Range of Soil Tests:
► California bearing ratio (CBR)
► Maximum density ratio compactions (MDR)
► Particle size distribution
► Atterberg limits
► Moisture content